Exhibtion Social Soup, 4th December 2015 – Camine Market (Genoa – Italy)

In this project are presented international artists which focus in their researches and artistic operations on food and formulate divers social, cultural, economical and political interpretations. Through multiple techniques and expressions the artists envisage a vital and primordial subject related to nutrition: from food as means of survival and dependencies to food as condition of social injustice and obsessions and pathologies. Based on their knowledge and personal research, the artists reflect through their own poesis on the multitude of critical relations moreover as result of exchanges the contemporary human being has with its habitat.

The exhibition venue about the social implications of food will take place at the Mercato del Carmine in Genoa, Italy, in December 2015, and is curated by the artists Rachela Abbate & Maria Rebecca Ballestra and  Erica Grollero and Roberta Miacòla.

Rachela Abbate (Italia), Maria Rebecca Ballestra (Italia), Zaid Bagaeen (Giordania), Maria Amalia Cangiano (Italia), Rafram Chaddad (Israele), Vagaram Choudary (India), Anna Lenti (Italia),Ahmad Malky (Palestina), Panem et Circenses (Italia), Omar Qawas (Giordania), Nojoud T.Saadeddin (Giordania), Chico Zelesnicar (Brasile)