Precious Instruments, Illustrious Names.

An exhibition to tell four centuries in relation of lutherie and collecting, music and musicians, nobility and patronage. In this compelling challenge is traced a socio-cultural frame and artistic heritage through precious music instruments which once belonged to famous musicians:Gaetano Pugnani, Niccolò Paganini, Henry Vieuxtemps, Tivadar Nachez, Yehudy Menuhin, Mauro Giuliani, Ramon Montoya, Andrés Segovia, Ida Presti, John William

Precious violins, guitars, mandolins, harps, psalteries and harpsichords built buy the supreme luthiers, worldwide known and appreciated: Stradivari, Guarneri “del Gesù”, Guadagnini, Vinaccia, Filano e Fabricatore are only a few of the Italian protagonists of the art of lutherie, since centuries inseparably linked to the culture of “making music”. An unrepeatable opportunity to “see” music; to travel in past times through rare items becoming unique by history.