On April 10th 2015, in the presence of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, Lia Riva and Monaco Boat Service welcomed the opening of the Monaco season, with a unique exhibition under the magnificent scenario of the Riva Tunnel: the presentation and showcase of the project art and environment “Journey into Fragility”, by artist Maria Rebecca Ballestra.

Inspired by the “Charter for the Earth and Man” of the Italian poet and philosopher Massimo Morasso, who was also present at the event, “Journey into Fragility” was completed in 12 stages: 12 countries throughout 4 continents. Sponsored by the ADAC (Archives of Contemporary Art, University of Genoa), The project was and is highly supported and promoted by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco has honoured the event with his presence at the historic Riva space and he was announced by the SE Fautrier, Vice President of the Prince Albert II of Monaco foundation and Maurizio Codurri, President of the Italian branch of the Association. The evening was attended by other important dignitaries: Ms Regine Vandor West, President of International Friendship without Borders which supported the exhibition and the President of the Lombardia Region, Minister Roberto Maroni.