Festival for the Earth


The aim of the Festival is to propose to broader audiences possibilities of transformations, reflections and alternative modalities to reframe environmental issues. In fact, knowledge access and information flow are highly important as actual environmental emergencies urge a radical change of perspective and practices.
The Festival for the Earth has an highly avantgarde character that lays in its being an art project for social transformation: the inventor and curator of the Festival for the Earth, Maria Rebecca Ballestra, is an artist who aims to instigate creativeness directed at positive transformation processes in science, humanities, economy, ecology and art.


Over the 2 days influential and awarded scholars, researchers, creative minds and environmental activists will present and discuss their researches and results, innovative ideas and approaches in raising awareness for preserving the diversity of our planet and improve our fragile co-living on it. Some of the theme that will be discussed during the second edition of the Festival will be: New Architecture, Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Scientific Communication, Agriculture.