Ballet, 7th November 2015 – Théatre de Variétés





The PROBALLET Company continues its international tour of the show “HELL” and the messages it contains – with the patronage of ILO (International Labour Organisation) – because it wishes, with all its might to support and publicise the SCREAM project (Supporting Children’s Rights through Education, Arts and Media promoted by ILO, a United Nations agency) and give voice to all the children in the world who are sadly victims of physical and psychological violence, war, poverty and child labour.

(Some of the film clips included in the show have been kindly provided by ILO Geneva).

The Directors of the PROBALLET COMPANY wish to thank someone who supports this artistic work with her spirit, her advice and her actions: Mrs MARIA GABRIELLA LAY (programme manager “Global Campaign to Raise Awareness and Understanding on Child Labour” – Geneva) who is a “word-artist” and with words tries to improve the world and leave an inheritance for future generations made with intelligence and not with violence.



Excerpts from “Hell” from Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”, the most important work in Italian literature, having been read, studied and translated all over the world. The greatness of this work, relevant today more than ever allows this play-ballet to be included in an artistic-cultural circuit for schools and all audiences.



A contemporary reinterpretation of Dante’s “Hell” through a selection of the main topics which are closest to- and most meaningful in ordinary life. The show is not a representation of the afterlife. Rather it is a view of earthly life, highlighting, without ever being judgemental, the evils which regularly accompany it. Particular attention is placed on science and technology and its misuse with regards to children – the most innocent victims.

The show is structured along the same lines as Dante’s “Hell”, closely following the subdivisions of the Incontinent, the Violent and the Fraudulent.

The show is, from the first scene, introduced, through a “portal” represented by television and internet, in an infernal atmosphere which creates the necessary tension for this reflection on the world.

The artistic choice of “Hell” was dictated by the need to represent humanity’s anguish as it is today, where lust becomes images of prostitution and paedophilia, violence is images of war, the violation of human rights and violence towards children …

In the “Divine Comedy” Dante cried out words of condemnation to man, but also words of hope in the redemption which is possible through justice, liberty, truth, peace, courage, loyalty, tolerance, balance, knowledge, order … Divine sparks that burn in man